vote on general state budgets in Congress

Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2020 9:01 a.m.

The plenary session of the Congress follows here live the debate and the vote of the sections of the draft general budget of the State. Today is the key day for processing government accounts in Parliament.

This Thursday, after the last of the debates, the vote (telematics and face to face) of the various budget sections will take place. In this round, the Government cannot lose a single vote, because the rejection of a single section would imply the failure of the accounts and the return of the Budget to the Executive.

As you might expect, they will come forward as Pedro Sánchez managed to garner enough support to run his own general state budgets and leave behind those of Cristóbal Montoro, the oldest in the history of democracy. , after two extra times. With this, the president of the government has a free hand for the legislature to end in 2023.

Montero’s budgets arrive with a greater majority than that established by Montoro’s accounts: 189, against 176 that Mariano Rajoy obtained just a week before being expelled with the motion of censure.

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