Voters at the computer, postal workers carrying the vote by mail … the most striking images of election day in Madrid

Posted: Tuesday May 4, 2021 10:26 AM

Madrid faces today a very atypical election day. The meeting coincided with a working day and that left us with very striking images at the gates of the polling stations.

A few minutes before the opening of the polling stations, dozens of people invaded their doors. And it is that the capacity and security checks against COVID-19 and the mobilization of voters before starting the working day have left images of long queues.

In fact, as can be seen from the footage LaSexta captured, many people went to their schools with a briefcase or backpack in hand, possibly before going to work. In the image above you can also see a man working with the computer at the gates of the center where he is voting.

Another of the highlights of the morning is that of this postal worker who went to an electoral college to cast the votes cast by mail until April 24.

Several activists from the Femen collective also played in one of the most striking images of the start of election day. Early in the morning, they organized a demonstration in front of the San Agustín school, in Madrid’s Chamartín neighborhood. This is precisely the center where Rocío Monasterio, Vox candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, votes.

“To fascism, neither vote nor leave” or “it is fascism, it is not patriotism” are some of the slogans which were launched shortly before the candidate of the extreme right came to exercise her. right to vote. The demonstration ended with the intervention of national police officers.

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