Vox appeals and hopes Madrid City Hall will allow them to give a rally today in Vallecas

Publication: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 09:32

Vox is continuing its projects in Vallecas. They will set up a platform in the Plaza de la Constitución and if told to remove it, they will take out the megaphone, according to party sources explained to LaSexta.

Thus, the formation of Santiago Abascal appeals and hopes that the mayor of Madrid will reverse its decision not to allow them to place physical elements such as a platform. They explain that they requested authorization from the government delegation on the 31st and that they responded yesterday by authorizing the concentration.

However, the letter from the Vallecas district councilor, to which LaSexta had access, communicates to the far-right formation the inadmissibility of processing their request for not having made it on time.

“Given the fact that the registration in the electronic register of the referenced request took place on April 4, 2021 and that the act for which authorization is requested would take place on April 7, 2021, it is clearly impossible to launch the process because it has been If we do, we would communicate an act which, from the first moment, is presumed to have been refused, ”the resolution reads.

From Vox, they insisted yesterday on obtaining permission from the Government Delegation and posted on Twitter a capture of the resolution in which it is stated that “knowledge” of “the concentration called by Vox” is taken.

However, in one of the provisions, the delegation stated that “the installation of any material element in the public highway, whether it is the stage, tables, etc., must comply with the legislation in in terms of local authorities.

Madrid City Council assures LaSexta that Abascal’s party will be able to organize a rally today “without further delay” and that it will not be able to install lecterns, speakers or chairs because they do not have the authorization advice.

In the act will be Santiago Abascal and Rocío Monasterio, accompanied by deputies Macarena Olona and Espinosa de los Monteros, among others.

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