Vox calls a deputy of the PP “chillona”

Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2020 10:36 AM

New dispute in Congress between Vox and the Popular Party. During the debate on the sections of general state budgets, far-right MP José María Sánchez insulted popular MP Ana Belén Vázquez, calling her “strong”.

“For this PP deputy who is part of the difficult succession of Doña Cayetana, who is a garish Galician deputy who leaves the Galicians in a bad position, I remind you that the work of the Popular Parliamentary Group is inferior throughout the legislature to that of the Vox group ”, he underlined.

He then said that “in proportion” the work done by the PP “is less than half” than that of Vox: “Yes, I know it’s machismo, by the way, Mrs. Cuca is present, then you can go out and tell me “.

At that time, MP Vázquez was not in the room, but on her return, she replied harshly to MP Vox: “Mr. MP Vox, it is very cowardly that while I am attending a media outlet, you you devote to insult me. “

The popular assured that those of Vox “are angry because they still do not know how to justify how to return the 212,000 euros they invoiced without doing anything during these two weeks”: “I know they are angry with me because I reminded them that there were 30 amendments that could go ahead and that they did not come out because you were not there “

“We must explain this cowardice to the rest of the Spaniards to whom we owe money”, reproached Vázquez, who defended his position as a deputy: “See if the Galicians are proud of this deputy who was the most voted in Spain . with my partner Celso Delgado. Lessons here none “.

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