Vox fulfills his threat and begins to reverse the initiatives of the government of Andalusia

Publication: Thursday, May 27, 2021 12:01 AM

Vox is materializing its threat to withdraw its support for the Andalusian government, after agreeing last week to take in 13 unaccompanied migrant minors who arrived in Ceuta.

This Wednesday, the far-right formation abstained in an amendment to the entire land law, presented by Adelante Andalucía and supported by the PSOE, thus overturning one of the main laws of the PP and citizens for this legislature.

The party also opposed a decree for the financing of local entities, although the executive of Juanma Moreno managed to save the rule thanks to the support of the socialists. In addition, this morning it was confirmed that Vox was not going to allow unanimity to urgently approve a reform of the Andalusian law on public health.

On the other hand, the tax reform agreed with the Santiago Abascal party, which had been presented from two sides, albeit on an equal footing, by the PP-C and the PP-Vox, went ahead.

The reception of migrant minors was the trigger for the breakdown of Vox’s support for the executive, even if the hardening of his position had been noticeable for a few weeks, Manuel Gavira assumed the spokesperson for the parliamentary group. Already on Sunday, Abascal himself called an act in front of the seat of the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, where he warned Moreno that if he wanted budgets for next year, he would have to seek the support of the PSOE and not by Vox.

PP and Cs regret Vox’s “grip” with the left

Thus, after almost two and a half years in the legislature, the autonomous government finds itself in a situation where Vox begins to abandon its legislative projects. In this sense, both the PP and the C have deplored what they consider to be a “pinch” of Vox and the left parties.

So, popular parliamentary spokesperson José Antonio Nieto saw Vox’s position as “a profound mistake” and warned the party that these types of acts “have consequences”.

For his part, the vice-president of the Council, Juan Marín, described the situation in the regional parliament as “harassment and demolition” of the government, assuring that “some are starting to pinch the executive of the PP and citizens the Andalusians will appreciate when the time comes. ”

The leader of the orange formation in Andalusia also evoked “a different scenario” after “the arrival of Abascal at the gate of San Telmo to say that there will be elections here in October”. “It is a completely disproportionate reaction, misplaced and which does not focus on logical reasoning but on ideological positions,” said Marín, who ruled out an electoral advance.

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