voyage1 sound of the universe: NASA’s Voyager-1 spacecraft sends the sound of the universe: the NASA spacecraft sent the sound of the universe

Nearly 44 years ago, NASA launched the Voyager-1 spacecraft. Today, it is the first man-made object to move the furthest from the earth and to travel outside the solar system. He recently sent new data. Based on this data, the sound of an “us” can be detected from gas found among stars 14 billion kilometers from Earth. The device installed on the Voyager-1 recorded a plasma sound. Plasma is the fourth state of matter from which 99.9% of the universe is made up.

Great mysteries of space will be revealed

The signal it received on Earth has very low bandwidth. This voice has been analyzed by astronomers at Cornell University. He says the signal from which this data was received was very weak and without some changes it was difficult to hear it. Astronomers hope that this continuous sound will be able to understand how the space environment interacts with the winds emanating from the sun. These extremely low plasma emissions cover approximately 10 astronomical units, or 929 miles. The peculiarity is that these plasma emissions generally do not seem to be caused by solar energies.

How was the signal?

Coach Aucker, a doctoral student in astronomy at Cornet University, made this discovery based on these data. He said it was quite light and at a steady pace because its frequency bandwidth was very low. He further explained that this gas noise found in interstellar space between two stars is detected. Voyager-1 entered interstellar space in August 2012. No other manned spacecraft has gone this far.

India sign also with

A gold disc was also sent to Voyager-1, prepared by legendary astronomer Karl Segan. He has hidden messages for aliens. There are greetings in 55 languages, pictures of people and places on Earth, and music from Beathoven to Chuck Berry. It also includes classical Hindustani music. “Jat Kahan Ho”, the work of 20th century singer Surshree Kesarbai Kerkar, is featured on this gold record. Voyager-1 is expected to remain operational until 2025. After that, the energy will stop sending signals to Earth and it will be forever recorded in history.

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