Walls of the Hafiz Saeed house damaged by the Lahore explosion: Lahore explosion: 30 kg of explosives, remote explosion …

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Layers of the explosion outside Hafiz Saeed’s home in Lahore began to open upon investigation. In this explosion, the glass of Hafiz Saeed’s house was shattered and the walls were also severely damaged.
After the investigation, the layers of the massive explosion outside the home of Hafiz Saeed, the founder of the Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba in Lahore, are now opening. According to Lahore police, around 30 kg of explosives were used in this horrific explosion. Not only that, “products made abroad” have also been used in this field. Due to the explosion, a crater three feet deep and 8 feet wide formed at this location. An area of ​​100 square feet was destroyed by this explosion. In this explosion, the glass of Hafiz Saeed’s house was smashed and the walls were also severely damaged.

Ball bearings, nails and other explosive materials were found at the site of the explosion, which were used to make bombs. The preliminary investigation revealed that 30 kg of explosives were inside a car and were parked in front of Hafiz Saeed’s house. After that, the car exploded with the remote control. According to Pakistani TV station Geo, Lahore police continued to hide the fact that Hafiz Saeed’s house had been targeted and attacked.

Broken glass at Hafiz Saeed, big damage to the wall
According to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, during this horrific explosion, the glass of Hafiz Saeed’s house was smashed and the walls were also severely damaged. Lahore police said the attack was aimed at the police picket built there. Responding to a question about the attack on Hafiz, a senior police officer said: “There is a police picket near the house of a high-value target. For this reason, this vehicle could not approach this house. This is why we believe the police have been targeted.

Several policemen were also injured in the attack, who were guarding Hafiz’s house. So far, three people have died and 24 others have been injured in this horrific attack. On the other hand, after the explosion, Hafiz Saeed’s house has now been turned into a fort. Vehicles traveling throughout the Johor Town area are screened. A special investigation has been ordered for all suspicious persons and unidentified objects. Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has requested a report on the whole affair.

“If there had been no police station it would have been a big loss”
So far, no organization has claimed responsibility for the explosion. Punjab Police Chief Inam Ghani said the incident could have caused “major damage” if there had not been a police station outside the residence of the eminent person. , pointing to Saeed. According to reports, it was a very powerful explosion, as a result of which many houses, shops and vehicles were damaged in the area. The roof of a house also collapsed due to the explosion.

Sentenced in a terrorist financing case, Saeed, 71, is serving his sentence at Kot Lakhpat prison in Lahore. The Jamaat-ud-Dawa headed by Saeed is a secret organization of the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist organization, which is responsible for the Bombay attacks in 2008. 166 people, including six US citizens, were killed in the attack. The United Nations has identified Saeed as a global terrorist.

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