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About 60 years ago, in 1961, when the US space agency NASA canceled its Mercury 13 program, many hearts were broken. 13 women were selected for this astronaut program. He was also tested and trained, but the program was never completed. Perhaps it was written by luck that the story should be recorded in a new way in the name of Wally Funk, then its youngest member. After all, today, that is, July 20, 2021, when that moment came, the whole world saw the happiness in Volley’s face.

Jeff Bezos Space Travel Live: World’s Richest Businessman Jeff Bezos Has Returned After Touching Space And Creating Many Stories Together
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The richest businessman in the world, Jeff Bezos, returned after hitting space on Tuesday. He might not be the first billionaire to do so, he not only made the dream of the fly come true, but also gave the world the oldest astronaut. Volleyball has also proven that age is just a number.

When Blue Origin shared the video announcing the Volleyball selection, she said, “No matter what the FAA has, I have all the licenses and I can get ahead of you.”

won the sky
The same confidence Volley showed after completing his flight to New Shepard. Shortly after the capsule landed on Earth, the four astronauts were ejected. Bezos came out first and the youngest astronaut Oliver Damon and behind them the funk of the fly emanated from inside the capsule. Seeing the people standing outside, Volley parted his hands excitedly as if he had finally conquered the heights of the sky.

the team came back from space

Funk has always been respected in the aviation industry. She was the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) first female inspector and the National Transportation Safety Board’s first female aviation safety investigator. She spent 19.6 thousand hours on the flight and taught over 3,000 people to fly.

Wally Funk: Space Travel At 82, Jeff Bezos To Fulfill NASA’s Shattered Dream

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