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Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity, has announced the seventh annual global Capture the Flag competition. The Raimund Genes Cup allows established and future security professionals to hone and test their skills on the global stage.

The risk of cyber attacks continues to put pressure on organizations and CISOs, who rely on skilled and trained security professionals to protect corporate systems. However, according to a recent study[1] (from ISC) 2, in 2020, there was an estimated shortage of over 3 million cybersecurity professionals globally. Trend Micro is working to fill this gap and equip more security professionals around the world to meet this growing need.

For more information and to register your team for the online qualifying round, visit:

“Over the past year, we have seen organizations around the world tackle the increase in cybercrime as critical IT assets and end users are increasingly distributed,” said Mike Gibson, vice president security research and customer success at Trend Micro. “As the skills shortage persists, it is essential to encourage more people to join the industry. Honoring the memory of our former CTO, the Trend Micro CTF – Raimund Genes Cup provides an ideal platform for the world’s best cyber talent to practice your skills and learn new challenges.

This year’s competition will consist of two rounds: an online qualification and a virtual final. The online qualifying round will take place over 24 hours from September 18 to 19 (Japanese local time). Competitor teams will be faced with Jeopardy style questions to test their problem solving skills.

The top 10 will qualify for the virtual final, which will again take place online on December 18-19, in the form of a Dynamic Jeopardy competition.

During the two rounds of competition, teams will be expected to solve problems in several critical areas of cybersecurity, including IoT, mobile, AI, operations and OSINT.

The winning team of the final will receive 1,000,000 Japanese yen (approximately $ 9,000). Each player on the winning team will also receive 15,000 points from the Zero Day Initiative rewards program, which will help them earn exclusive rewards and benefits. The teams that finish second and third will receive 300,000 JPY and 200,000 JPY (2,600 and 1,800 dollars, respectively). In addition, the winners of the virtual final will automatically qualify for the 2022 competition.

More than 700 teams from 66 countries competed in 2020 and demand is expected to be just as high for this year’s event.

Trend Micro is fully committed to fostering the entry of new talent into the industry with events like CTF and Pwn2Own, and programs like Close the Gap, which aim to support the most heterogeneous candidates in their quest for new career opportunities. career. . This approach has proven to be effective as new researchers and engineers join Trend Micro after attending regional CTF events.

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