Wanted women with STEM training in Navarre

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Directors of Navarre, AMEDNA-NEEZE is looking for a hundred scientists, engineers, technicians or mathematicians for its new project under the name of ‘Mujeres STEM’ #MujereSTEM with which it intends to make visible and promote science-related studies among women.

“STEM women” are those who turn to studies related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They are known as “STEM Women” (acronym in English for science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the most advanced companies and organizations in terms of inclusion and diversity are starting to seek and value them. .

According to recent data from the government of Navarre itself, over the past decade the percentage of women studying for scientific baccalaureate degrees in the Autonomous Community is between 9 and 12%, while in the case of men the percentage increases between 35 and 40%. This is then transferred to higher education and finally to the workplace: at UPNA, for example, female students in STEM careers do not exceed 20%, except in medical engineering. It should not be forgotten that the majority of students at Spanish universities, almost 60%, are women.

The problem is the lack of female vocations in these so-called STEM careers and this wants to bring to AMEDNA this new project to make STEM women visible in which it intends to involve a hundred women initially, and dozens of centers. educational programs through the Foral Community. Among all the interested parties, a subsequent selection will be made by profiles to develop videos that will be used to disseminate the project, accompanied by some educational sheets and a guide to using this material, with gender equality criteria. .

As the head of AMEDNA, Susana Labiano, said, “this type of technical careers in STEM will be the great demand of the professionals of the future” it is therefore necessary to “promote the increase of female enrollments in STEM studies with the help of a greater diffusion and visibility of the trades linked to these careers, an academic orientation which encourages these STEM careers, a teacher training to help the students in this field and a more equitable evaluation in the families ”.

In addition, Labiano cites other barriers to overcome and that this AMEDNA ‘Mujeres STEM’ #MujereSTEM program aims to make visible the “stereotypes and social expectations” which generally favor the preference for more socially oriented careers among women.

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