War between Armenia and Azerbaijan has ended, Trump confirmed

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After protracted violence and conflict, Armenia and Azerbaijan prepared for a humanitarian ceasefire for 29 days after the two heads of state sealed the follow-up to the ceasefire, Donald Trump said confirmed that Trump had restored peace between the two countries. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo tapped
Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed on a humanitarian ceasefire after protracted violence and conflict. After 29 days of war, the representatives of the two countries approved the follow-up of the ceasefire. The cease-fire between the two countries entered into force at midnight. US President Donald Trump congratulated the heads of countries and congratulated his Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo for restoring peace between the two countries.

Explain that there is a decades-old conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan between the war for the Nagorno-Karbakh region. War between the two countries resumed on September 29.

I’m proud of my team – Trump
Donald Trump tweeted: ‚ÄúCongratulations to Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. The two agreed to follow the ceasefire which entered into force since midnight. Many lives will be saved. I’m proud of my team Mike Pompeo, Steve Began and the National Security Council for the deal.

The battle began on September 27
Earlier, the Nagorno-Karbakh army accused the Azerbaijani army of bombing civilians in the Martuni and Askaren regions on Saturday evening. In response, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry claimed that the Armenian army opened fire in the Azerbaijani regions of Terter, Agadam and Aghazabedi. The battle for the Nagorno-Karbakh region resumed on September 27. Russia and the United States have done their best to mediate between the two countries.

Pompeo called for a ceasefire
Explain that there was a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh. Internationally, this area is considered occupied by Azerbaijan, but a large number of people of Armenian origin live there. Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held talks with the foreign ministers of the two countries for a ceasefire.

Russia tried to mediate before America
Before the United States, a ceasefire was attempted by Russia twice through mediation, but both talks failed. On Saturday, the number of Armenians who died in the war between the two countries rose from 36 to 963. While 65 ordinary civilians were killed and 298 wounded from Azerbaijan. However, the Azerbaijani army has not confirmed this.

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