War News: US Air Force Rockwell B-1 Lancer Strategic Bombers Deploy in Norway Russia’s Missile Cruiser Marshal Ustinov: Russia Deploys Missile Cruiser Warship Marshal Ustinov on Patrol in Barent Sea After Deployment of Rockwell B-1 Lancer in Norway

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Russia and the United States meet face to face in Norway, tensions intensify in Barent C. As soon as the American B-1 bomber reaches Norway, Russia deploys the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov.
America and Russia are now face to face to establish their kingship in Europe. Fueled by the presence of US B-1 nuclear bombers in Norway, Russia has deployed its warships equipped with many dangerous missiles near the border. On March 8, another B-1 strategic bomber from the Norwegian air base at Remstein in Germany arrived in Norway. US Air Force B-1 bombers maneuver with JAS-39 Gripen fighter jets from NATO member countries Norway and Sweden. Since then, Russia has also deployed its Nordic fleet on patrol in this area.

America and Russia clash with the King in the Barent Sea
The United States and Russia are already embarking on the assassination of the king in the Baltic Sea. Now that battlefield has been extended to Barent C. Russian missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov patrols Barent C with several deadly missiles. The deployment of this warship is considered dangerous as it abandoned its traditional route and reached near Russia’s aquatic border with Norway.

Never before has Russia deployed so aggressively
“We have also never seen that Russia has sent warships into the fishing zones of many countries,” said the spokesman for the joint headquarters of Norway, Major Brynzer Stordal. Norwegian, Russian and European trawlers continuously fish in the sea between the North Cape and the Beer Gap. This whole area is full of fish, thanks to which fishermen from all countries continue to come to this area with their trollers.

The Marshall Ustinov missile cruiser is very dangerous
Marshal Ustinov is a Slavic-class missile cruiser that can wreak havoc on its own. Marshal Ustinov is the third largest warship in the Russian Northern Fleet after the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliki. The sizeable northern Russian fleet remains stationed in the region. Including deadly ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines. It has the ability to strike for seconds in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia. This means that if a country launches a nuclear attack against major Russian military bases, Russia can also retaliate with the help of the Northern Fleet stationed in the region.

Biden increases US military influence in Europe
Joe Biden had rescinded Trump’s order to become President of the United States, which called for the withdrawal of the US military stationed in Germany. Besides Norway and Germany, the US military is also present in Greenland. In such a situation, Russia is afraid that the United States does not plan to reduce its influence and siege Europe with this trick. Because, during Trump’s tenure, the US military did its best to make inroads into the Baltic Sea. However, this attempt could not be successful due to Russian vigilance.

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