war us iran: Iran threatens nuclear bomber, America won’t retaliate if it crosses the Lakshman line – iran warns us b 52 bombers not to cross its red lines threatens overwhelming response

Iran has been threatened by the deployment of a B-52 bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons to the United States, which the United States must not cross the Laxman Line or else it will receive an appropriate response. Previously, the United States had deployed two of its B-52 nuclear bombers in West Asia, sending a strong message to Iran. Iran has threatened to give an appropriate response if its airspace is violated even a little.

Brigadier General Qadar Rahimzadeh, deputy commander of Iran’s main air defense headquarters, Khatam al-Anbia air defense base, said: “The country’s airspace falls into the Lakshman Line and our enemies have already experimented with this Iranian air defense system, and at the slightest violation of airspace there will be an appropriate response.

He said Iran’s air defense system is capable of identifying any air threat, including the US nuclear bomber. Let us know that the United States is in action after receiving information about the Iranian attack on its military bases in West Asia. All US missions and military bases in the region have been placed on alert. Not only that, the United States has also deployed a squadron of its strategic B-52 nuclear bombers to the Gulf countries through non-stop flight on short notice.

Iranian nuclear scientist Dr Mohsin Fakhrizadeh is reportedly looking for an Iranian-backed terrorist attack to avenge the assassination. A pair of B-52 bombers, believed to be a symbol of United States power, were airlifted to West Asia on short notice from the Barkdale Air Force station in Louisiana. US Central Command confirmed the report, saying the deployment was carried out in the Middle East to prevent aggression by its enemies. Fighter jets from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will also fly with the attack aircraft.

The B-52 bombers that the United States has deployed in the Gulf countries can also attack with a nuclear cruise missile. The US military said about this plane that “when we flee, the immediate target is in danger.” The American Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) is capable of dropping 2,500 kilometers of nuclear bombs. This means that if this American subsonic cruise missile is fired from British skies, Russia’s capital, Moscow, can be destroyed. The cruise missile named AGM-86 is built by the American company Boeing. This missile is capable of attacking by dodging the enemy air defense system.

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