war video: Afghan armed forces airstrikes on Taliban viral video: video of Afghan army airstrikes on Taliban positions

Since the withdrawal of the American forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban seize several cities one after the other. In the midst of it all, the Afghan forces, which went into action, broke the backs of the Taliban by carrying out massive airstrikes on their bases. This is the reason why many bases were again captured by the Afghan army in the hands of the Taliban. On the other hand, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has once again vowed to defeat the Taliban.

The government army has taken over the capital of the province of Badghis
The Afghan defense ministry said Afghan government forces captured Kala-i-Nau, the capital of Badghis province, on Wednesday after attacking Taliban positions. The Afghan army has deployed hundreds of new troops to the region. This state is located near the border of the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan. The Afghan army sent a special commando unit to the battlefield to capture the capital.

The fight with the Taliban continues for the second day
According to reports, plumes of black smoke were seen over the city for the second day in a row. Local residents are said to have fled the city or are imprisoned in their homes. President Ashraf Ghani said the government has the capacity to handle the situation. He said there might be some hardship ahead for us, but we won’t give up.

Governor says Taliban are pushed back
Badghis Governor Hesamuddin Shams said the Taliban had resumed attacks in several directions with light and heavy weapons. Our security forces fight them valiantly and the enemy is pushed back. they are running. We are going to fight hard against the enemy. The Taliban briefly occupied police headquarters and the local office of the country’s spy agency on Wednesday, but were later pushed back.

People fled the city, imprisoned in many houses
Local residents reported that many people in the city of 75,000 have fled their homes to neighboring districts or to neighboring Herat province. The shops are closed and hardly anyone can be seen on the streets. People reported that Taliban fighters still roamed the city. They patrol the streets on their motorcycles. Badghis Provincial Council member Zia Gul Habibi said the Taliban suffered heavy losses but still surrounded us on all sides.

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