wasp exoplanet 62b: WASP 62b Discovery of the planet without atmosphere: discovery of the planet 62b without atmosphere

Astronomers have discovered a planet like Jupiter. The peculiarity is that this planet is so hot that its temperature has evaporated. Jupiter’s temperature is extremely cold and its temperature is very thick. Winds here blow at 425 miles per hour while this new planet WASP-62b is 500 light years from Earth, called “Hot Jupiter.”

Very close to your star
The planet was first detected in 2012 but its atmosphere has been studied for the first time. It is very close to the star it is spinning and it only takes four and a half days to complete a round. At the same time, Jupiter takes 12 years to complete a tour of the sun. Due to the short distance from its star, the planet is extremely hot and has no atmosphere.

Easy to study
Due to the absence of clouds, scientists were able to study it easily. Researchers at the Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics say potassium is not found here but sodium has been found. Astronomers are usually able to estimate the design of the planet, but without clouds it can be studied more precisely.

With the help of the James Webb Space Telescope, which is scheduled to launch this year, he should have a better picture of the planet. Thanks to its better technology, the presence of elements like silicon can also be tested.

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