Watch the video An astronaut demonstrates the impact of weightlessness in space on honey: what if a box of honey was opened in the weightlessness of space? The astronaut responded by making a video

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What happened when a box of honey opened in space, the astronaut made a video from space, millions of people watched and liked the videoOttawa
Several times in the video you must have seen things flying through the air in the weightlessness of space. There are plenty of videos on social media where you can see what would happen if a full bottle of water was opened in space. However, not all solids and liquids in space behave the same. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a container of honey was opened in space?

When the box was opened the honey started to shoot
An astronaut shared a video that shows how honey behaves in zero gravity. The clip was uploaded by Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques. In the video, David says before opening the lid of the honey container: “Today I am going to show you the strange behavior of honey in weightlessness”. When the lid was opened and moved away from the container, the honey began to stretch along the lid but did not break.

The video has been watched by 49 million people so far
Seconds later, David moves the scattered honey. Strange things like this happen when you remove gravity, David says. The clip was shared on YouTube by the Canadian Space Agency in 2019. So far, it has been viewed over 49 million times and received around 60,000 comments. Recently it has gained people’s attention again after it was re-shared on Tiktok.

The family must think that the search is continuing in space.
One user wrote: “I can play with honey all day and forget about the work I have to do. One user joked on YouTube, “As this video is being shared on the internet, the astronaut’s family members must be thinking they are researching in space.” A third user wrote: “Imagine when he comes back down and forgets that now his food can no longer float.”

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