Watergate scandal: Nixon was president after Watergate scandal, now what did Trump do that created a heckle – new Watergate scandal in us, what did Donald Trump do that created the ruckus in American politics, know Richard Nixon Connection

US President Donald Trump did something last Saturday that brought the Watergate scandal back to the headlines. In fact, Trump had pressured the senior election official to “ change ” the result while counting the votes in the Georgia election. The sound of their conversation went viral on social media, after which a political storm erupted in America. The US media compared this phone call to the Watergate scandal.

“ I only want to seek 11,780 votes ”
In the US presidential election, Joe Biden received 306 votes and Trump received 232 votes. Not only that, Biden received over seven million popular votes against Trump. Trump has repeatedly pressured Brad Ruffensperger in US media audio to declare him the winner rather than Biden. Trump said, ‘I just want you to do it. I just want to get 11,780 votes, which is more than what we have.

Trump said, “You know it’s okay to say you’ve recalculated the votes.” The ballot was counted three times in Georgia, resulting in two of Biden’s victories. Joe Biden won over 11,779 votes in the final result. There were a total of 50 lakh votes in Georgia. Republican Leader Brad Ruffensperger has dismissed Trump’s claim and said you are relying on fake stuff on social media.

What is the Watergate scandal
In 1969, Republican candidate Richard Nixon became President of the United States. Nixon, the more ambitious, at the end of his four-year term did what the world calls the Watergate scandal. He used all his strength to learn about the Democratic Party’s preparations to win the election. He instructed some people to spy on the office of the National Committee of the Democratic Party, that is, the Watergate hotel complex.

Intelligence device installed in Democratic Party office
These people installed an intelligence device in the Watergate hotel complex, through which conversations could be intelligently overheard. Thanks to this device, Richard Nixon’s special people used to know all the information of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, the device suddenly stopped working a year before the election. After that, a special team was formed to address it.

Nixon’s intelligence team captured
The team entered the office of the National Party of the Democratic Party, that is, the Watergate Hotel Complex, on the night of June 17, 1972, to repair the device. At the moment, they were correcting the wiring of the device which the police reached on the spot and arrested all these people. After that this news appeared in all American newspapers under the name of the Watergate scandal.

Poison from Former US President Richard Nixon – ‘The ugliest, sexless Indian women don’t know how babies are born’
Nixon’s move revealed in police investigation
Richard Nixon has faced a lot of criticism over the controversy. Initially, Richard Nixon’s name was not disclosed, but as the police investigation developed, relations with Republican politicians increased. In May 1973, a hearing began in the United States Senate regarding the Watergate scandal. After which, when Nixon felt that he would also be trapped because of his party colleagues, he demanded the resignation of all defendants.

America now ready to send military to aid, ordered to attack India in 1971
Also won the election for the second time, but impeachment took place
Meanwhile, there was a presidential election in the United States, with Richard Nixon winning again, leaving behind the shadow of Watergate. On October 30, 1973, a motion for impeachment was filed against Nixon. After which, Nixon was charged with interfering in judicial proceedings, abusing presidential powers and failing to testify in the House of Representatives.

Then in the discussion, the infamous former US president, who made a “ mistake ” of Indira Gandhi
Resignation in a mandate under pressure
From February 6, 1974, the impeachment trial began against Nixon. When Nixon saw that he had no more money and that he would be dishonored and removed from the presidency, he announced his resignation on August 8, 1973, on a live television broadcast. It was the first time in American history that an outgoing president had to step down during his tenure.

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