Waxed concrete floors increase productivity in logistics centers

Thanks to a logistics center, a company can manage its product inventory and complete orders placed by its customers through the online store.

The main purpose of logistics centers is to prepare and distribute products and materials, being able to say that they even fulfill the function of “operations center”, being the heart of the activities that allow the distribution from the seller to the customer of the purchased product.

Due to the large volume of orders that were recorded during the confinement passed due to the coronavirus crisis, many of these logistics centers have seen their activity increase, which, probably, has notably affected the quality of the soil itself. the logistics center.

A soil in poor condition has a negative influence on the productivity of workers, being less efficient, for example, in stock management.

A good example of a company with experience and a good product capable of solving this kind of problem is BECOSAN, which has created and patented a system for polishing concrete floors, consisting of combining diamond discs with lithium liquids. to harden and seal. concrete.

In short, it is an industrial floor treatment which, in addition to improving the characteristics of a floor, also increases its useful life and facilitates cleaning.

All are assets that many logistics centers appreciate and especially now, because once again the e-commerce sector will experience a new recovery in sales with the Christmas period.

BECOSAN currently offers its services on 5 continents.

If you need more information about BECOSAN, through the following link you can know more about how the concrete polishing process works, or contact them directly by e-mail, attention by Daniel Garca, sales representative of BECOSAN in Spain.

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