“We are all unconditionally attached to the Constitution”

Publication: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 1:37 PM

King Felipe VI assured this Wednesday before the military leadership the “unconditional” commitment that all the Spanish people have with the Constitution and the obligation to “respect and observe it” because it is “a source of cohesion and framework and guarantee of coexistence, stability and democratic solidity “.

Felipe VI, together with Queen Letizia, presided over the Easter military ceremony held at the Royal Palace, marked this year, in addition to the pandemic, by the controversy caused by the letter from the retired commanders sent to the king with criticism. in government and the conversation with the threatening comments of some retired officers.

Without making any direct reference to this matter, the monarch reaffirmed the respect of the Armed Forces (FAS) in the presence of the head of government, Pedro Sánchez; the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the main military authorities.

“The Constitution is the free way and democratically decided by the Spanish people. We are all unconditionally attached to it, because it is the source of the legitimacy of all the powers and all the institutions of the State. A legitimacy which is renewed each year. day by respecting and observing it ”, underlined the king, who recalled his status of supreme command of the armed forces.

Felipe VI also underlined that the Magna Carta recognizes “freedoms and rights and enshrines democratic values ​​and order”. “Also the duties to which we are all subject,” he added. A text of 1978 which, according to the king, is “the reflection of Spain”, being “a source of cohesion, framework and guarantee of coexistence, stability and democratic solidity”.

The King began his speech by expressing his gratitude to the members of the armed forces and the Civil Guard for “the dedication, courage, loyalty, discipline and humanity” they always demonstrate in their daily work.

In particular, he focused his recognition on his “extraordinary” work developed during the pandemic, first in Operation Balmis and, currently, in the Bastion, on the hunt for contagions.

“The Spanish company has felt very close to you and has full confidence in your abilities, your professionalism and your enthusiasm (…). You have reacted with initiative, immediacy and efficiency, carrying out difficult and varied tasks in all Spain, “said the Head of State, who had a memory for all the victims of COVID-19 and their families.

In response to their generosity and their sacrifices, Felipe VI called “to correspond”, assisting “in priority to their preparation, to the means and resources” which the accomplishment of their missions requires, in addition to evaluating “duly” the demands that characterize their military career.

“I encourage you to continue to develop your work with renewed enthusiasm, and with the initiative, the value that characterizes you and that pushes you to give yourself, fully and completely, at the service of Spanish society”, he added. . Dressed in the Navy Captain General’s gala uniform, Don Felipe expressed “deep pride” in being a part of the military family and renewed “the Crown’s continued support and encouragement” for his work.

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