“We are closer to a left coalition government”

Updated: Thursday, April 22, 2021 10:43 AM

Posted: 04/22/2021 10:42 AM

Iglesias first reaction to the hand Gabilondo offered him during Wednesday’s election debate. The united We Can candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid confesses that he believes that many people on the left did not understand the initial approach of Ángel Gabilondo who “thought that if he said things to the right, maybe there would be people on the right who would vote for him. “” I think it is impossible to win the right wing by doing the same as her, luckily the PSOE partners understand this and this was seen yesterday. We have to welcome this rectification, “says Iglesias, who sees the option of adding more and more. for a left coalition government.

Thus, Iglesias insists on the fact that “it is obvious that the alternative to the PP is a left coalition” although he adds that for that “it is necessary to make policies of the left”. “We are not going to win on the right by doing the same, we have to fund more education and health, we are fulfilling what we signed,” he explains. He says he does not want to distribute the charges in advance “as some do” but “that the only alternative to the far right and the right is a left coalition is the proof”.

In the same vein, he excludes supporting a government from outside because “if the people wanted a one-party government, they would give absolute majorities”. Something that believes that “this is a thing of the past. This debate is old, we govern together in many places in Spain”. Something that emerges as positive because according to him, when there is a coalition government, what is said in the programs or in the agreements, then you have to comply with it. “Before, beautiful programs were presented and then if I saw you, I do not remember any more. It doesn’t happen anymore, ”he said.

Thus, Iglesias announces that if he is present in the next autonomous government of Madrid, his first measures would be to finance health and education with 1,000 million each. In addition, there would be “a free dentist and free glasses”. “There are many citizens of the Community of Madrid, one of the wealthiest regions in Spain, who cannot cut their teeth or have difficulty purchasing glasses. This can be resolved with political will. “, he explains.

Today, Iglesias also emphasized his idea of ​​raising taxes for those who have the most and lowering taxes for the self-employed and low-income workers. A point of friction with the socialist candidate. In the debate, the head of Unidas Podemos called on Gabilondo to increase taxes on high incomes in the region, but he was frank: he will not touch them as long as the crisis lasts. Iglesias tried to approach him amicably, assuring that they would eventually rule together, insisting that they could not do “the same as the law” if they want to “win the law” . Gabilondo reiterated his position: “I share the general thinking, but not at the moment.”

As for the future of the left, the United candidate Podemos believes that it is no longer necessary to debate whether he will try to unite or not: “we must now add. There is no room for jokes between the left, that demobilizes, they will not hear bad words from me. To the progressive candidates, now we must win and agree to form a government. “

The citizens also reacted to the socialist’s proposal. Edmundo Bal understands that Cs can appeal to the center-left voter because the PSOE is “a real weathercock”, especially in its policy of pacts. The Cs candidate believes Gabilondo yesterday proposed to United We can be part of the government, whereas before he said that with “this no Iglesias”. “We are talking about someone who says one thing and the next day the opposite.”

From the PP, its leader Pablo Casado, confesses today that “I saw a cyclothymic Gabilondo. At first, saying that it was not Sánchez, which I see logical. But later they had to send him a WhatsApp and he reached out to accept Iglesias. “Casado emphasizes that” in the end, they are necessary. This is the drama of the PSOE. The sanchismo has harmed traditional socialism. ”

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