“We are different strengths but the agenda for the next three years unites us”

Publication: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 5:10 PM

Government President Pedro Sánchez defended the coalition government despite friction and tensions between partners that have intensified in recent weeks. “I am satisfied with the functioning of the coalition government”, he underlined during the control session in the Senate.

In response to popular spokesman Javier Maroto, the chief executive defended the two-tone government which, being “the first experience” of these characteristics since the arrival of democracy, it must start and improve with the time.

“Experience is the mother of science, also with regard to the coalition. Ask some of your colleagues who govern in coalition with other political forces at regional level, not far from here. For example, in Puerta del Sol, “said Sánchez, referring to the government of the Community of Madrid, PP and citizens.

“As Prime Minister, I am satisfied with the functioning of the coalition government during this long year that we are in power”, defended Sánchez, who recognized that the PSOE and United We Can are “different forces resulting from different political cultures “.

“The agenda that Spain needs unites us”

PSOE and United We can join more things than separate them, according to the president: “What unites us is the agenda that Spain needs for the next three years of the legislature: health, employment and social protection . “

Sánchez underlined the weakness of the government, which has only 155 of the 350 seats in Congress, forcing them to negotiate with other parliamentary groups to carry out their initiatives. “We must govern in coalition within the government and also outside, in the Congress”, he affirmed, to ask just after “unity” to the opposition: “To save lives and jobs. What I ask the opposition to do is reach out and support the Government in matters of general interest. “

“They must decide to take the path of moderation or to continue to cling to the extreme right”, censured the president in reference to the PP. “We are not happy that they are hurting in Catalonia or Spain,” said the chief executive.

In his response, Maroto criticized Sánchez for “looking at himself a lot in the mirror in the morning” to say he was satisfied with the coalition. Maroto also criticized the bad relationship between the coalition partners and that it took him “days to get out of the cave” to comment on the riots during the protests over the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél.

“He did not have the leadership to put in his place the one who encourages the rioters,” the popular spokesman criticized.

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