“We are not all equal before the law. He is not just another citizen”

Publication: Thursday December 10 2020 12:49

“The law is the same for everyone, but we are not all equal before the law.” With this argument, Isabel Díaz Ayuso defended Juan Carlos I before the Assembly in Madrid, after having paid the monarch emeritus nearly 700,000 euros to the Treasury to regularize his tax situation.

“Here, all citizens regularize their situation when they consider it,” said the regional president, in response to a question from Más Madrid on the matter, adding that “they can be footballers, celebrities of all kinds or politicians from any party “.

However, the head of the PP distinguished between the figure of the king and the rest of the Spaniards. “King Juan Carlos is not like you, far from it,” Ayuso told MP Pablo Perpinyà, in an intervention in which he argued that “he is not just another citizen, he is not like you”.

The head of the regional executive praised the former head of state, assuring that “he has been a great ambassador of our country for many years” and that “thanks to his work we have been able to move from a dictatorship with which he did not get along particularly well to a democracy “.

“The monarchy represents all Spaniards,” said Ayuso, who expressed “respect for King Juan Carlos and for his career”. “He is not just another citizen, he is not like you”, added the president, to then affirm, this time, that “before the law we are all equal”. “As an anonymous taxpayer, I will not be the one who will have to talk about his relationship with the Treasury,” he said.

The money paid by the king to the Treasury, as LaSexta learned, corresponds to the donation tax, ceded to the autonomies and, in this case, to the Community of Madrid, for 800,000 euros received from the man of Mexican business Allen Sangines-Krause.

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