“We are not going to let the extreme right remain neither with Spain nor with the armed forces”

Publication: Friday, December 4, 2020 09:28

Defense Minister Margarita Robles does not hide her anger. In an interview this Friday on Cadena Ser, the minister was very categorical against the messages spread in the controversial chat of the retired Francoist soldiers where they spoke of shooting “26 million sons of bitches” and, questioned on the question of Whether Vox could be behind this, he was blunt: “We’re not going to let the far right stay with Spain or the armed forces.”

“It is not for me to say who is behind anyone’s behavior. When a party, in this political case, says that it is our people … The Armed Forces, Spain, their symbols can not be patrimonialized by anyone. They are absolutely of all “, affirmed.

Regarding the discussions where they spoke of shooting at pro-independence activists, the government was criticized and even military statements were discussed, the defense chief acknowledged the “shame” that these messages produce. “These are people, who are counting on a condition they no longer have, who claim to be representatives of whatever with a few gossip and letters that embarrass any Democrat,” he said.

“Unfortunately, instead of talking about the modern and prepared Armed Forces doing a great service to our country, we are talking about people who are suffocated in the state they had in the military era, who are in retirement. , no They are military, ”Robles harshly criticized, mentioning that some of those who speak of executions or coups d’etat“ left the army 40 years ago, leaving their uniforms very quickly to serve their country and going to private airlines ”.

“I am very proud of the Armed Forces who lived in residences, with the deceased, with the most vulnerable. The others are people who did not deserve to have worn the military uniform,” she lamented.

The armed forces “do not look to the past”

Robles also referred to a statement by the Chief of the Defense Staff (JEMAD), Miguel Ángel Villarroya, in which the air general assures that “the opinions of these people cannot be considered representative of the group of which they are were part. but should be seen as the opinion of individuals. “They have every right to express themselves, says JEMAD,” but not claiming a right of representation that they do not have, which damages the image of the armed forces and only confuses public opinion public “.

“Today’s armed forces do not look to the past, we are in a constant process of adapting structures and capacities to the continuous change in which risks and threats are developing on a global scale”, indicates Note.

Criticism of Reservists

Criticism for the chat also came from one of the groups representing reservists, the Association of Military Reservists and Special Availability (AMRED45 +), which called the participants “nostalgic and outdated undemocratic” who “are closer to what we can think of both the personnel active in minors and adolescents to be contaminated by their hate speech and the continuous threats, as well as the personnel assigned to powder magazines and arsenals ”.

That is why the association is asking that their privileges of military career, entry into military residences and the removal of their names from the orders of San Hermenegildo and San Fernando be withdrawn.

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