“We are not victims, we choose to have this life”

Publication: Wednesday April 28, 2021 1:10 PM

An ambush of several armed men killed David Beriain and Roberto Fraile in Burkina Faso while they were doing their jobs. A profession, that of journalist in conflict zones, about which Beriain had spoken on numerous occasions.

“This work is a continuous learning of human nature,” said Beriain. An example of the spirit of his work, always in search of the truth. “Journalism is invented, it has to be done well,” he said.

Beriain was aware of the risk they faced simply doing their jobs in conflict zones, although he tried to minimize it. “We are not victims, we choose to have this life,” he explained.

Aware that one day their families might receive the fateful news, Beriain was grateful for the love they gave him: “I was lucky in life that the people who loved me loved me. in the most beautiful way. And radical possible, which is free. Even if that meant that one day the phone rang and they were told David wasn’t coming back. And you have to understand that this is a reality, it is not a way of speaking ”.

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