“We are waiting but ready to receive it”

Posted: Tuesday April 13, 2021 7:19 PM

Health Minister Carolina Darias has spoken out on the United States Drug Agency (FDA) decision to order a break in vaccination with Janssen. A decision which led the pharmaceutical company to delay the delivery of the doses agreed with Europe. “We are waiting. In any case, the Spanish Medicines Agency is in contact with the European Medicines Agency,” he explained, indicating that Spain is “ready” to receive the vaccine when it does. will have decided as well.

The situation was generated as a result of six cases of “serious and rare” blood clots in vaccinated women, but it should be noted that in the United States, seven million people have been inoculated with this formula. The minister explained, during a government monitoring session in the Senate, that health has not yet spoken to the company

For Darias, once the FDA has ruled on the vaccine, it will help in Spain “in particular the group between 70 and 79 years old to continue to maximize the benefits of this Janssen vaccine”. The minister explained that Health has not yet discussed with the company to know if the planned doses will finally be received tomorrow.

And despite the delays already announced by this pharmaceutical company, Darias valued the vaccination campaign “positively”, and recalled that with the EU we are in a common strategy and “it is one of the great strengths”.

Darias responds to criticism of the PP for the vaccination plan

During the government monitoring session, Popular Group senator Ana Camins criticized the management of the vaccination plan, saying that “the Spaniards would be much better off if you fight to bring vaccines like you do to save companies. aerial Chavista “. To these remarks, Darias replied with a certain anger, accusing the PP of “being false”.

It is a strategy assumed by all the autonomous communities, and some collaborate more and others collaborate less “

Thus, he detailed that “a record number of vaccines are arriving, more vaccines than ever, also in Madrid although the health centers close during the holidays”. “This minister will seek a consensus and all is not going, with the vaccine all is not going. Correct your attitude towards the government. It is a strategy assumed by all the autonomous communities, and some collaborate more and others collaborate less” , concluded the Minister. .

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