“We break his speech without opening his mouth, he is embarrassed by the plurality of society”

Update: Friday May 28, 2021 6:45 p.m.

Posted: 05/28/2021 6:44 PM

Ceuta continues to be centrally located today, weeks after this massive influx of migrants, which caused a real crisis scenario in the autonomous city. A situation which, a few days later, continues to dominate the debates during the plenary sessions held in the Assembly of Ceuta, where high levels of tension were reached due to this issue with intense fighting, shouting and even insults.

The clash between the spokesperson for Vox in the hemicycle, Carlos Verdejo, and the deputy of the PP and Minister of the Environment, Yamal Dris, has recently gone “viral”. All this after the member of the far-right party made a racist statement against the spokesperson of the Movement for Dignity and Citizenship (MDyC), Fatima Hamed, to whom he assured that “he will never have of deputy in Madrid “, and that in any case would have it” in Morocco “.

This led to Hamed herself responding to Verdejo with an intervention that has occurred in recent hours. “You communicate with a tweet as a child, and not as a spokesperson for a political group, this is what you should consider yourself – even if your complexes do not allow it -“, warned the MDyC deputy, assuring that “the others” “were” at the foot of the canyon: “We did not look for photos or headlines, we were at the disposal of our city for whatever was necessary.”

In this sense, Hamed criticized him that “what bothers the spokesperson for Vox and his training the most” is “having to constantly debate and see the plurality of Ceuta society in plenary sessions”. The member was frank on this point: “We break your speech without having to open our mouths. You are discredited.” Likewise, he denounced that “with their attitude they have shown what they are for”, and added: “If it had not been for the shame of their performance, they would even be worthy of pity”.

“It seems to me worthy of pity for someone the whole town hates. It will be the merit and the baggage that you take with you”, assured Hamed Verdejo, adding that “when you disrespect a member of this society, you fail to respect everyone, and someone who disrespects everyone doesn’t deserve a lot of respect either. ” The MDyC spokeswoman ended her speech by lamenting that Verdejo “doesn’t care to blast Ceuta as long as its leader, the leader of the nationwide mamandurrias, gets some sort of income.”

“The rest of us will not be along this line,” Hamed concluded, noting that the rest of the parliamentarians in the Ceuta Assembly may “have endless ideological and performance differences.” “What we’re not going to do is play with our home ground. It hurts too much to do that and we’re not going to stoop to that level,” he concluded.

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