“We can hold out for a month or a month and a half”

Publication: Monday, March 1, 2021 20:40

A medida que se aproxima la fecha de Semana Santa aviva la inquietud por saber si durante las fiestas se van a permitir los viajes, las visitas a la familia en otra comunidad o si algunas de las medidas, como el cierre de la hostelería, desaparecerán then. Data has improved in recent weeks, but it is not yet possible to determine exactly what will happen on that date. For this reason, the spokesperson for health and director of CCAES, Fernando Simón, clarified that “if the conditions of transmission are not correct so that there can be a little more openness in terms of measures of mobility, they should not be nor pose ”.

And to display a button. “A few months ago, I was asked several times if we were going to be able to save Christmas. I don’t know if we saved it or not, but the little that could be spared from Christmas, we saw its impact in January, ”he added. recalled the epidemiologist, making a clear reference to the third wave of the coronavirus which crossed the country after the Christmas holidays.

In this sense, he stressed that “things are going well” and that we are “on the line that interests us”, the accumulated incidence falls to levels which were not seen since last August, but the rate of UCI occupation is still very high. We are now reaching the maximum occupancy rate observed in the second wave, despite the drop.

For this reason, Simón stressed that his mission, as an epidemiologist, should be to advise to try to control transmission to the maximum, and asked “not to exert excessive pressure” so that the technicians who work for control the pandemic “make the same correct proposals”.

The Health spokesperson also called for a “little effort” for the “month or month and a half” that remains. “There is a lot of fatigue, but every day there is less. You can endure a month or a month and a half,” he said.

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