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Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2021 12:24 PM

Published on: 02/25/2021 11:43

New disagreement within the coalition government. The PSOE and United We Can voted differently. Purple springs had already advanced him towards LaSexta and it was. United We Can voted in favor of the ERC initiative in the plenary session of Congress to take the above away from Juan Carlos I and other members of the royal family.

For its part, the PSOE voted against. It has thus positioned itself with PP, Vox and Ciudadanos in favor of maintaining the inviolability of the royal family, which would avoid any type of investigation. The proposal was rejected with 74 votes for and 276 against. There was no abstention.

The non-law proposal defended by Gabriel Rufián was debated this Tuesday in the Lower House a few hours after Felipe VI went to Congress to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the failed 23F coup. ERC already proposed it in July, when the judicial inquiries opened in Switzerland into the allegations of irregularities committed by the emeritus were revealed.

From the PSOE they argue that maintaining the aptitude of the king emeritus does not imply a “weakening of judicial independence”, while the violets believe that to ensure “a stronger and just democracy” by “investigating the monarchy in Congress and break the taboo of its inviolability “.

The deputy of Más País Íñigo Errejón also put forward his position on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary, in favor of the withdrawal of the inviolability of the Head of State. In this sense, he detailed that the current monarch is going through a “very complicated” period due to the activities of his father and that, despite his Republican position, it would be a good meeting point with the monarchists who could promote reforms to avoid behaviors such as those carried out, presumably, by Juan Carlos I.

In addition to ERC’s criticism of Sánchez for changing his mind about the Crown “based on context or interest”, those of En Comú Podem were added to the debate. EH Bildu also called on the government to fight for the transparency of the Royal Household and the CUP accused the Socialists of protecting the monarchy, again questioning Spain to be a full democracy. Equally harsh was JxCat who accused the PSOE of making “a hairpin with Vox and the PP”. From the PNV, which also supports the ERC proposal, they also call for the abolition of all surveys “without exception”.

On the side aligned against, the PP criticizes wanting to “throw overboard” all the work done by the rapporteurs of the Constitution and accuses Rufián of bringing “division and hatred”. From Vox, they argue that the ERC’s proposal is not technically feasible because inviolability does not make sense since the king does not respond to approved acts. On the Ciudadanos side, Edmundo Bal was very hard on the separatists “and podemitas” whom he accuses of trying to undermine the institutions of the State.

The inviolability of the Head of State established by the Constitution has always aroused controversy among those who defend the monarchy and its detractors. However, the emergence of new information about the Emeritus’ alleged tax irregularities has intensified the debate over whether he should stand trial for common law crimes allegedly committed during his reign.

Another difference in the coalition government, which has already shown disparate positions on the regulation of rental prices for housing, freedom of expression, the Trans bill or pensions.

After weeks of tension, Moncloa sources at LaSexta confirmed that the prime minister will meet next Tuesday with the second vice president, something Iglesias himself has confirmed.

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