We can warn Sánchez that the coalition government is at stake if “courageous and effective measures” are not taken

Publication: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 11:51

United We can warn the PSOE that both sides risk the future of the coalition if “courageous and effective steps” are not taken. This is what the spokesman of the purple, Pablo Echenique, said during the plenary session of the Congress devoted to the assessment of the state of alarm approved last October.

“By taking these courageous and effective measures or not, we are not only risking the future of the coalition, we are risking the future of our country,” Echenique assured, warning the Prime Minister of the tensions within the coalition.

In this regard, although the UP spokesperson acknowledged that there remains “three years of government”, he extended the future horizon to “much more” because there is no alternative to the current formula of the executive. Echenique referred to the tensions within the executive that have emerged in recent weeks: over trans rights, housing, pensions, freedom of expression or the monarchy.

“People will judge the coalition government for its response. It is up to us, United We Can, the PSOE and our parliamentary partners, because opposite, I am afraid, Mr President, there is nobody “, did he declare.

Thus, within three years, there are only two scenarios, in the opinion of the spokesperson: “Say that we have taken courageous and effective measures or we will have failed”.

From the PSOE, sources at LaSexta point out that Echenique’s intervention is “Ravel’s bolero”, always the same but increasingly intense. They recognize that it is a “white glove”, given the tension that exists within the executive.

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, for his part, wanted to salute the work of the parliamentary groups which support the government “and of each of the ministers”. Sánchez reiterates his speech yesterday in the Senate, where he was “satisfied” with the work of the two-tone executive.

Regarding the tensions, the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, also called the government “the most radical of the last forty years”, and criticized Sánchez for “asking for unity but you are not asking for it. inside “.

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