“We cannot and must not rule out a third wave. We would be kidding ourselves.”

Posted: Tuesday December 29 2020 10:10

Health does not exclude the arrival of a third wave of pandemic in Spain. This was acknowledged by Minister Illa in an interview with TVE: “We cannot and must not rule out a third wave. We would be kidding ourselves. We can minimize it a lot if we cannot avoid it.”

And, despite the start of the vaccination plan, the Minister of Health reminds us that we still have months to continue living with the virus. “We have started the vaccination process, but a second dose is missing, and only after that the vaccinated will be immunized. We still have time to coexist with the virus and to continue to adhere to the recommendations to the letter,” he said. -he explains.

Once again, during her speech, Illa called for caution and extreme caution in the days to come. “That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve and that 2020 is over, but in a careful way.” One thing CSIS virologist Margarita del Val agrees on, who in an interview with “Espejo Público” asked that contacts on New Years Eve be the same as those made on Christmas Eve and thus avoid increase the risk of contagion.

Illa’s comments to TVE come after Spain has already passed 50,000 deaths from the pandemic, according to the Health Ministry reported on Monday.

However, Illa himself asked at a press conference for “great caution in evaluating this data”, recalling that it was provided by communities after three public holidays, with which they may have ” distortions “. For his part, Fernando Simón also requested that these figures be carefully evaluated, as there may be a delay in notifications, although he stressed in his appearance that “we have been two to three weeks with a gradual decrease in deaths weekly “. “The data is still very high,” said the director of the Center for Health Alerts.

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