“We cannot hide in the delta variant”

Posted: Monday July 12 2021 7:47 PM

The director of CCAES, Fernando Simón, assured that epidemiologists predict that the incidence will continue to increase until it is “in a few days” above 400. As he explained during a press conference, the increase in infections “is it primarily focused on the huge increase in the number of unvaccinated, under 40”.

Even so, he predicted that “a reduction in the rate of increase is observed,” which “would indicate that we are entering a gradual phase of transmission stabilization”. “It depends a lot on the control measures on the part of the groups where the infections are taking place. I do believe that we are in the phase of reaching the peak, but I cannot say the date,” he insisted. .

The doctor warned of the COVID situation in Spain, and asked the most vulnerable to protect themselves from the disease, even if they are vaccinated. “We cannot rule out cases in unimmunized vaccinated people who can go to intensive care,” he said, although the epidemiologist has acknowledged that the unvaccinated have an incidence “up to 20 times higher than that of the vaccinated “.

However, he emphasizes: “This is not the same situation as a year ago or in the second and third waves, but there are still risks. In addition to continuing the vaccination program, we must maintain certain measures, ”he stressed. impact.

In any case, he warned that the increase in infections “is gradually noticeable in the occupancy rates of hospitals”. “It is true that slowly and gradually. It is likely that we will not reach the previous wave levels, but there may be some units with excessive pressure,” he warned. Regarding mortality, Simón hopes that “this huge impact among the unvaccinated does not have an impact on mortality”, although he pointed out that, although in a lower percentage, young people can also die at the cost. of COVID-19.

The exponential rise in infections in recent weeks is in part due to the delta variant, although the epidemiologist calls “not to hide”: “Make no mistake, if there are no large groups that do not comply with the measures, the impact of delta would be minor, we cannot hide We do high risk things and the delta variant has something to do, but not with everything that we go through.

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