“We cannot put a policeman in every house”

Posted: Monday December 7 2020 12:22 PM

Salvador Illa confirms that there will be checks this Christmas to ensure compliance with the restrictions against the coronavirus, which include the limitation of mobility between regions to so-called appraisers in a state of alarm and visits to family and “close friends”.

“There have already been random mobility checks on this bridge and there will also be during the Christmas holidays, to ensure that everyone respects the restrictions,” the minister said on Monday during the presentation of your ministry’s Christmas campaign.

Thus, Illa recalled that the agreements concluded at the Interterritorial Council on the festivities “are binding”. “We can demand that they be respected and what we are going to do,” he said, while insisting that civic responsibility is “the great weapon to ensure that these measures are applied”.

For the health chief, Spanish citizens have shown a “very high level” of responsibility and awareness that “you are not playing with COVID. However, he again appealed to the “solidarity” of the Spaniards: “I must do it for my relatives, for the rest of the citizens,” he recalled.

“You can’t put a policeman in every house, but it’s not necessary,” the minister said, amid doubts over the inclusion of the term “close friends” in the health plan for the holidays, in which certain communities – like Madrid o Andalusia – they see a potential devious of infringements.

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