“We can’t say that, it affects the values ​​of humanity”

Updated: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 11:56 PM

Published on: 04/21/2021 11:01 PM

The president of the Community of Madrid starred in one of the most controversial headlines of the Madrid election campaign by referring to people who are part of the hunger queues due to the pandemic crisis as “kept subsidized” created by the government. Faced with criticism, Isabel Díaz Ayuso claimed that the left had manipulated his words. “They distort what I mean. My political opponents are great at teaching me,” lamented the People’s Party candidate.

The More Madrid candidate raised this controversial issue in her first words during the electoral debate. After giving a hug to relatives and friends of COVID victims, Mónica García, who introduced herself as “mother and doctor”, spoke directly to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, placed to her left, to ask her to remove the insults from people who go to hunger queues.

For his part, Ángel Gabilondo was very outraged by the words of Díaz Ayuso: “Mrs. Ayuso, you cannot say that, it affects the values ​​of humanity.” “It’s not a shame to be in a hungry queue, which is a shame is that those of us who are here don’t feel a real public shame because we said that they are being maintained, ”said Gabilondo, very angry.

The socialist candidate continued to state bluntly that he is “ashamed” that there are people who think that a human being in a queue is a hold: “It is a conception of society and politics so serious that it bothers me ”. “I am not ashamed that they are in the queue, but that Mrs. Ayuso said that”, sharply criticizes Gabilondo, recalling that one of the roots of the problems is “the idea that we are does others “. A post that was used to deeply criticize Rocío Monasterio’s controversial Vox poster on the “menas”.

Iglesias also spoke out: “Ángel was right, it is indecent to call the people who are in the queue for a soup kitchen supported and subsidized. Maintained and subsidized are your family’s partners, Madam President , Mr. Sarasola who received finger contracts or Mr. Abascal at the beach bar that Aguirre offered him. “

The More Madrid candidate demanded an apology: “He hasn’t asked for them yet, I don’t know if he’s going to ask for them.” To which Ayuso replied: “I didn’t say it like that and I demonstrated it” and said that “they like to multiply poverty and then a banner and a magnifying glass”, which García reproached him with that his policy had been “those who drove the hunger queues”.

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