We discover the advantages of the new disk management tool

The Control Panel is no longer relevant in Windows 10. The Settings menu has gained more and more functionality in recent years. Microsoft has already confirmed that new configuration features are on the way and the latest addition is a new way to manage disks and volumes.

The new disk management tool is available in Settings> Settings> System> Storage> Manage disks and volumes. At the time, it was criticized for its simplicity and for the options it offered. The comparisons are nasty and the reality is that the new Disk Management Tool is one of the first setup pages to use C ++ and Windows Runtime (WinRT).

The true power of the new disk management tool

Microsoft claims to have also greatly simplified interactions with Component Object Model (COM) components within the new modern user interface.

The new Windows 10 disk management settings app is also able to react to device changes. For example, if we connect a USB storage drive, the new configuration will be able to detect it instantly.

This could be one of the key elements. The classic tool worked fine, but it was archaic to have to close it to see the changes. The new tool, although in its first version, allows viewing disk and volume information in real time.

Information about the disc and external drives will be updated whenever it is changed. Even if it came from an external application. For example, the changes we make with the classic tool.

“The update mechanism is decoupled from the UI thread. The user interface then retrieves the information using a non-blocking synchronization mechanism, ”the company said.

In addition, Windows 10 settings will be updated automatically. Disk and volume attributes when you make changes. In addition, the real-time updates do not compromise the responsiveness of the application.

Microsoft has noted that it expects the modern app to perform and respond better to changes in real time in order to reduce wait time. A clear commitment to modernize Windows 10.

The user interface of the modern disk management tool is simple and straightforward because “one of the main goals of this project was to provide an accessible interface for managing device storage.

Unlike the classic disk management tool, Microsoft claims that this modern interface is fully keyboard navigable and is also fully compatible with Windows Narrator.

At the moment, this modern interface is quite rare and lacks a ton of key features, but there are plans to make this tool even better.

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