“We do not allow indoctrination and less during school hours”


Publication: Monday, March 8, 2021 6:50 PM

The government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso prevented the holding of a conference of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, this 8M in a public school in Madrid. The reason given by the Community is clear: “We will not allow indoctrination of students in public schools and less during school hours”. The Education Department claims it was an LGTBI speech, but the Equality Department, they deny that was the subject.

The minister had planned to visit IES Gómez Moreno on Monday, in Madrid’s San Blas neighborhood. However, the Community of Madrid has not given it the corresponding and necessary authorization. Sources from the regional executive report to LaSexta that the centre’s management warned “on Thursday and were told they could not do so. Despite this, they sent police today to monitor the minister. which ultimately decided to cancel. “

From the Ministry of Education, they explain to this channel that it is the responsibility of the Community to authorize any act “of this nature” in the educational centers of Madrid and that this one in particular was not authorized. “and that it was therefore communicated sufficiently in advance, last day March 2, to the director of this institute”.

“At the regional government, we asked the education center for information about the event and we adopted this decision because the essential details were not provided, such as the development, time or duration of the event. which could harm the development of the centre’s activity. and the pedagogical day of the students ”, comment the pedagogical sources of “The number of people who would come to determine whether or not safety and health measures in schools were violated or not was specified either. It is exactly the same information that is requested for any act with these characteristics, so it was not made no distinction “

The Ayuso executive also maintains that in this specific case “we also did not know if there was any support from the media, such as journalists, reporters, TV cameras or graphic designers, and their number “. “When events are organized and authorized in the centers, the details are known in advance, such as the duration of the event, the start and end time, the reason for the celebration and its development, aspects that we did not know about what was intended to be done in the IES Gómez Moreno “.

For its part, the Ministry of Equality underlines that “the meeting had been scheduled for weeks and had been requested by the Center itself on the occasion of International Women’s Day”. They directly blame the ministry and the government of Madrid for the cancellation of the meeting.

The Ministry of Education sent a letter to the Center banning the meeting “for COVID reasons”.

Finally, the Equality Commission of the educational center, IES Gómez Moreno, claims to have requested the presence of Irene Montero “to see how we live, as young people, feminism and equality, but they canceled at the last moment “. “We’re very angry because they took away a meeting that was ours: it’s about feminism, not ideology.”

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