“We don’t want to be like you. That’s how far we’ve come.”

Updated: Thursday, October 22, 2020 12:34 PM

Published on: 10/22/2020 11:36

“It’s not that we’re not brave, that we don’t dare, it’s that we don’t want to be like you. These are the statements with which Pablo Casado decided to sever ties with the far right after the failure of a motion of censure against the coalition government of Pedro Sánchez.

A very harsh intervention against Abascal and his 51 deputies allowed the head of the PP to move away from Vox’s position in the Congress of Deputies. “In two years I have not responded to his provocations, but we have come so far. We do not want to be the party of anger and revenge,” he added in this regard.

He did so after announcing that his party will vote ‘no’ against the motion of censure recorded by Vox because, in his opinion, it strengthens the partners in the coalition executive and ‘it is not against Pedro Sánchez. , but against ”the PP, Soros, the European Union, China and the autonomies. “In this sense, the leader of the opposition accused the far right party of wanting to” supplant the PP “, but” not to oust the government “.

Casado considers that the motion of censure is not against Sánchez, but against “the EU, Soros and the autonomies”

“You don’t fight for ideas, you just have the idea of ​​dragging the Spaniards into battle, but the real policy is to do things for the people. I thought, given your journey of career, it would not be necessary, but I will explain it to you. The PP feeds neither fury, nor noise, nor fractures. We only want to unite the Spaniards “, declared Pablo Casado during his speech.

This tough appearance of Pablo Casado has seated poorly among the Vox bench. In fact, Abascal admitted to being “surprised”, although he chose not to fight back. From the stage, he addressed the head of the PP to tell him that he “did not expect” this tone: “The PP took off his mask and Mariano Rajoy’s assistant secretary for communication returned. He joined the cartoon Vox of Abascal, of 52 deputies and some Spaniards who still vote for him “.

Likewise, Santiago Abascal referred to statements by Macarena Olona, ​​who accused Pablo Iglesias of promoting “intimidation”. In this regard, the leader of Vox urged Pablo Casado to “play with the bully if he wants to fight”, not with the party which “supports” him. “I am still puzzled by your equidistance, do you really think that we are the same as the government, which agrees with ETA and the Communists?”

Such was the anger of the extreme right deputies, that Abascal reminded the PP that thanks to Vox, he governs in the Community of Madrid, the Region of Murcia and Andalusia. In fact, he even said that if it was like Casado, the “popular” “would cease to rule tomorrow” in the regions mentioned.

However, Vox points out to LaSexta that they will not break any pacts. They think Casado “shot himself in the foot”, but they say they won’t break.

Abascal launches an ordeal to the PP: “If I were like Casado, tomorrow they would stop ruling in Madrid, Murcia and Andalusia”

But the order of government in Madrid, Andalusia and Murcia did not penetrate the PP president, who referred to these autonomies to ensure they do not rule together. “Did they want to support the nomination of the PSOE? We are not governing, so we are not going to be hostages of what you are saying here,” he replied forcefully from the podium.

Casado insisted that “they suffered the insults of Vox for two years in five campaigns” and reminded him that the motion of censure is a mistake because the Spanish nation “does not deserve a government proposal” like the one presented yesterday. And it is that, for the “popular”, neither Abascal is ready to be president nor his party has the adequate experience to govern. “Do you want us to support this bizarre delirium?” He wondered to the ovation of his assistants.

He also took advantage of this intervention to address Pedro Sánchez, stressing that the PP “is the quiet force of the Spaniards, of sensitive and moderate Spain which will represent this country again”. In Casado’s opinion, citizens “will turn the page when they have the opportunity to choose again”.

For the formation of the far right, the speech of the leader of the “popular” sounds like “the orchestra of the Titanic” when it sank: “They wanted to put themselves in the middle of those who agree with the ETA and us. ” Yes, he ended his speech in the lower house with a more relaxed tone and again reaching out to the PP: “We will try to correct this mistake and we will continue to reach out to them, despite everything they have said. . ”

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