“We fight for 30 cents a day, that makes me a little sad”

Posted: Wednesday December 30 2020 11:35 AM

Negotiations on the minimum wage continue, after the government approved yesterday, Tuesday, an extension of the decree by which it was set at 950 euros for 2020. Thus, on January 8, the government and social workers will meet in again to address both this problem and the ERTE.

This was confirmed this Wednesday by Yolanda Díaz, in an interview with the “Cadena SER”. “We have convened the social dialogue table for January 8 for the minimum wage and for the new negotiation of the ERTE”, indicated the Minister of Labor, who asks not to carry the negotiation of the files beyond the 15 January. .

With regard to the inter-professional minimum wage (SMI), the Minister stressed the importance of the extension approved at the last Council of Ministers of the year, since the current decree expired on December 31. “If yesterday the government does not extend the amount in force today, what would happen on January 1 is that Spain would find itself without SMI”, he stressed.

“I am not going to put any worker in this country in danger, I could not sleep, therefore, beyond the negotiation which is open on the amount of the SMI, I will guarantee and protect the workers of my country”, affirmed Díaz, who clarified that the minimum wage has not been frozen, but that negotiations with employers and unions are continuing.

“The freeze is that I am issuing a decree which says that the amount of the revaluation this year is zero and that has not been done,” he said. What we have done is that from January 1, 2021, Spain continues with an extended minimum wage and the social dialogue table continues “.

“Businesses Can Withstand A 30 Cent Per Day Increase”

The Minister of Labor reaffirmed her intention to raise the SMI, an issue that generates differences within the coalition executive. The first vice-president, Carmen Calvo, is not in favor of raising it now and, to questions from the press on this subject, Pedro Sánchez spoke yesterday of the “dramatic situation” of Spanish companies, which should make “this disbursement. “.

Why are we leaving out those who need it most? “

Asked about the remarks of the president of the government, Díaz stressed that “there is no dispute that companies must be saved” to “save jobs”, but he affirmed that “we must be consistent and defend the weakest “.

In this sense, the minister said that she does not understand why the salaries of civil servants or workers covered by collective agreements are reassessed and not the SMI. “Why are we leaving out those who need it most?” He said.

“I believe that we have said in this government that we are not going to leave anyone behind and it seems to me that we are leaving behind those who need it most,” condemned Díaz. “We are fighting over 30 cents a day, it makes me a little sad. I believe Spanish companies can support a 30 cents a day revaluation,” he said, insisting that United We can have a clear position on the issue.

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