“We had to be at the HR sector event of the year and for us it’s the HR Hybrid Forum”

Access the HR Hybrid Forum video and discover the major trends in the HR and business world of the new reality

EY, ‘main sponsor’ of the HR Hybrid Forum: “We had to be at the HR sector event of the year and for us it is the HR Hybrid Forum”

Although several days have passed since the HR Hybrid Forum, echoes of the flagship congress in the new reality at the workplace and corporate level still resonate. Dozens of HRDs, managers of large companies and heads of departments linked to people management have come together to explain, contribute and analyze new trends in the human resources sector and the business world.

And, of course, underline the great role of EY, a professional services company, which was the “main sponsor” of the Congress and had an exceptional presence throughout the day. One of its representatives was Jaime Sol, managing partner of the company’s People Advisory Services, who opened the HR Hybrid Forum with his speech on the new reality, as well as the moderator of the roundtable on the topic of leadership. .

In the event itself we were able to speak specifically with Jaime Sol who explained to us why they had decided to bet on the HR Hybrid Forum: “We have to be at the HR event of the year and for us it ‘ is the HR Hybrid Forum of which they have been responsible for HR of organizations in Spain, presidents, CEOs, Ferrn Adri … and what is, to date, on the business agenda is under discussion. “.

As reported to Congress, Jaime Sol explains, in broad outline, the measures and policies that EY had carried out in favor of its employees since the start of the pandemic. “We believe that the secret to success lies in the ability to adapt,” he said.

If you would like to see one of the featured round tables of the HR Hybrid Forum, you can access the video of the event by clicking here

Access the HR Hybrid Forum video

About the HR Hybrid Forum

The HR Hybrid Forum is the star congress of the new reality of the HR sector and the business world which was held last Thursday, October 22, in a hybrid way, with a face-to-face and a virtual part, in order to guarantee the safety of all who attended the event. The latest trends in people and business management at a key time both for businesses and for the world of work and the economy in general were detailed and discussed.

The HR Hybrid Forum has E as main sponsor, Gi Group as Gold Sponsor Plus, Cigna, Personio and Nationale Nederlanden as gold sponsor, ISDI, Cobee, Pleo, Incipy and Compass Group / Eurest as silver sponsor and TAD Producciones, The Digital Workplaces, Coca Cola, Espacio Rastro Madrid and Barn de Salamanca as bronze sponsors. In addition, Coonices the official event agency, BMW Madrides the official car and Eventing and LG are technology sponsors. TheHR Hybrid Forum is organized byRRHHDigital, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH), institutional sponsor of the congress.

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