“We have a moral obligation to ease tensions”

Updated: Sunday, December 27, 2020 2:31 PM

Published on: 12/27/2020 11:49 AM

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, said that “the government has a legal obligation to deal with pardons and a moral obligation to relieve tensions that can harm coexistence” .

This was expressed in an interview with “La Vanguardia”, in which, in relation to the reports of the prosecution and the Supreme Court on this issue, he stressed that Spain is “a state of law with separation of powers” .

“The government always respects the decisions of the courts and expects respect for the decisions it takes within the framework of its powers,” he stressed.

According to Ábalos, “with respect for the Constitution and the laws, what is necessary must be done to re-engage Catalonia in the common project. Any gesture contributing to political normality, reconciliation and coexistence is positive”.

The reform of the crime of sedition “will be done as soon as possible”, he said, because “correcting certain shortcomings of the Penal Code will allow it to be assimilated to those of other countries” in the environment, where ” a crime equivalent to that of sedition not involving the army is not punished by more than four years in prison “.

Ábalos, secretary for the organization of the PSOE, hopes that the February 14 elections in Catalonia will open a new political scenario, because “coexistence cannot be placed on the edge of the precipice and continue to push the void”.

Regarding a possible agreement with ERC after the 14F, he recalled that “Miquel Iceta has already argued that the PSC will not agree with any party that defends independence, which implies that it will not be part of a coalition with Esquerra or won’t seal a deal with the Republicans. of the legislature “.

“What we are ready to do is support any space that allows the political situation to normalize. We want to break down barriers and unleash hope. We must build bridges, not destroy them, and the mortar needed to do that is dialogue, ”he said. added.

In a message to JxCat, which continues to prioritize the one-sided path and confrontation, he warned: “Becoming stubborn is not a sign of humanity but of stupidity.” On the controversy surrounding the taxation of the Community of Madrid, he remarked that “there are anomalies which must be corrected”.

“Madrid benefits, on the one hand, from the capital effect, which makes it collect more than the rest. On the other, by exaggerating certain taxes or eliminating them directly, it attracts taxpayers from other clearly competing territories. disloyal with those who do not have a similar collection capacity, ”he reasoned.

According to Ábalos, “if a community stops earning $ 1,000 million to subsidize a tax and at the same time asks for more funding, it takes resources away from everyone and affects the sustainability of the state”.

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