“We have been an example to the world”

Published: Friday April 30 2021 19:19

The PP candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has launched a new campaign video four days before the regional elections in which, on a rocking blow, we can see the president so far mounted in motorbike.

While the candidate, dressed as a biker, assembles like a package, her voice-over explains: “Until now, we were not aware of the society that we had not given together, but after two years we have raised, and today we can say with pride that we have been an example to the world, no matter how many desires try to cover it up, ”he says in the new campaign video.

Thus, the “popular” continues to affirm that “being from Madrid is a way of life where we all are, where we all have opportunities”. And, he says, “where we want to live in peace, with freedom, with a passion for life”.

In this sense, he calls on the people of Madrid to live the days leading up to the elections “with a lot of enthusiasm” because, he says, “it’s worth it”: “We will continue to fight with you all because you are the best. “, he leaves.

It was Díaz Ayuso herself who posted the election video on her Twitter account, accompanied by a message: “Ready for the home stretch”, accompanied by a motorcycle emoticon.

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