“We have shifted the focus from employee benefits to bringing compensation plans to the homes of our workers.”

The first statements of Rafael Venegas, Employee Benefits Manager of Cepsa, after receiving the award

Cepsa, winner of the ‘I Worker’s Compensation Awards’: “We have changed the focus of benefits to bring compensation plans to the homes of our workers”

Last Wednesday, the “ I Labor Compensation Awards ” took place and Cepsase took first place in the competition organized by HRHDigitaly aimed at highlighting and highlighting the best proposals in terms of labor compensation and recognition of employees carried out by companies in our country. The energy company’s project turned out to be the most voted by part of the award jury, made up of HRD, specialists in labor compensation and representatives of corporate sponsors such as sonEY, Compensa Capital Humano, Edenred and Payflow. .

Rafael Venegas, Director of Benefits at Cepsa, and lvaro Casal, Director of Compensation and Benefits at Cepsa, took home the award and after the gala RRHHDigital was pleased to obtain exclusive statements from Rafael Venegas. “For us, this award is recognition of our work and the work of the company,” said Venegas.

Asked about the key principles of compensation today, he highlights three essential advantages within these plans:

Flexibility The fact that the opinions of employees are taken into account to define new projects And, finally, that the effort and results of each employee are recognized

Regarding the evolution of compensation plans at Cepsa, Rafael evokes the evolution and / or adaptation of services at the current time when hybrid work prevails and, more than ever, to the health of employees: “before the pandemic, many of our services were focused on restaurant vouchers, gym vouchers … We now had to find solutions to the current situation and provide compensation to the homes of our employees, clearly changing direction.

The Cepsa project was put forward by the jury for several reasons, including the co-creation of compensation packages between the company and the employees, an excellent explanation on the social security website, the adaptation to the situation personal information for each employee (conciliation) as well as an optimal communication plan.

FromRRHHDigital we would like to congratulate Cepsa for the quality of its project and for being the winner of this first edition of the Labor Compensation Awards.

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