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A few months ago we bought Dr. Bronner discovered and had to admit that we were very surprised by their versatility … Shower gels are just as much shaving cream as facial cleansers and bubble baths. So when we found out that a French series of lavenders had just seen the light of day, we couldn’t resist the urge to try them out and introduce them to you!

Remember that the Dr. Bronner’s is an American brand: it is the best-selling soap in the natural products market in the United States. So if you work with our lavender and an artisanal distillery based in Nyons in the Drôme, we can only tell you about it!

The Dr. Bronner’s line with lavender

The 18 in 1 liquid soap has the same properties as perfume-like products. It consists of the vegetable oils coconut, olive, palm kernel, hemp and jojoba. The delicious scent of French lavender makes it soothing and so fragrant. (60 € for 946 ml at Amazon) The body milk is made from pure organic vegetable oils from fair trade and free of synthetic preservatives. We find the same basic products as in liquid soap, with the addition of avocado vegetable oil … The skin is soft! A solid soap, a perfect combination of organic vegetable oils from coconut, palm, olive, jojoba and hemp. The essential lavender oil, like the other products in the series, gives it a little more fragrance and calming. A liquid soap with sugar for your hands! This is our selection swarm! With the same properties as the products in the range, it is the one that literally falls for us … And we respect the famous barrier gestures meticulously because they are so pleasant to use! (15 € 19 for 355 ml on Amazon)

What we think of the new range!

Well, we’ve come up with good ideas … The same efficiency, the same feeling of cleanliness when showering, shaving or shampooing … And that inimitable scent of our Provencal lavender! To be honest, it doesn’t smell of chemical lavender, if you use liquid soap as a bubble bath, close your eyes, the lavender field looks very close.

Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

The body milk leaves a scent of lavender and coconut on the body! This coconut and lavender blend is really surprising, but a real success for this new series! We are definitely fans of this brand, but honestly, it’s not very difficult to appreciate it.

Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

With these products we use them every day with our eyes closed … Apart from the tea tree scent, which we didn’t like that much, the scents are all subtle. Lavender wants to be more open-minded, but we really don’t mind!

Important values

Remember that Dr. Bronner’s is a brand committed to respecting the environment. We explained it to you in our previous article: “The vegetable oils used in the products are organically grown and certified according to“ National Organic Standards ”, they are all biodegradable, vegan and are 100% recycled and 100% recycled in plastic containers expelled! No synthetic preservatives, petrochemical ingredients or foaming agents contaminate the recipes of the various products! Dr. Bronner’s is committed to a fair exchange with nature, people and animals! “

Real lavender scent

Product effectiveness


Without surprise!

Unsurprisingly, the new lavender range is just as effective as the others and also smells of Provence!

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