“We have to bring the litronas and it’s a bottle”

The long queues repeated themselves throughout the day at Isabel Zendal Hospital. Thousands of Madrilenians summoned to receive the COVID vaccine at the pandemic hospital expressed their indignation in front of the cameras at the long waits in the sun and without the safety distances they had to wait.

Zendal had booked 30,000 meetings this Wednesday, 8,000 more than a normal day. So, some people gathered for vaccination said they were trapped in a mile-long queue with hundreds and hundreds of people to receive the second dose of AstraZeneca, with people over 60 and over. in full sun, as they did. lamented.

“You just have to bring the litronas and it’s a bottle,” one woman denounced, while a young woman called the situation “incredible”. A situation that the hospital center explained by the increase in the number of appointments for this Wednesday, with 8,000 people called to be vaccinated more than a normal day, which represents 36.36% more than the vaccination .

In Zendal, the vaccination of young people and those over 60 has coincided. Open to vaccination 24 hours a day, the administration of doses for the population aged 60 to 70 years of the second dose of AstraZeneca has been organized, while department 1 injects the vials for those in their thirties via the auto system. -quote.

Complaints from the opposition in Madrid

After these images, of the PSOE, its head of Health and Social Cohesion, Africa Moreno, described these “regrettable” lines as “deep shame”, which especially affect the pavilion in which the over 60s are cited.

In statements released to the media, Moreno censored these “crowds” and deplored the “lack of organization, chaos, despair and long hours in the sun in this month of July which is already starting to be quite hot”.

In this sense, he underlined that the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “shows again and again its disastrous management in all areas, but especially in the field of health”.

Vaccines in the refrigerator

On this point, he denounced that the regional government keeps 1,400,000 vaccines in the refrigerator without providing any. “Is this really the model Ayuso wants for Madrilenians?” Asked Moreno, who stressed that the PSOE “will not tire of calling for effective and efficient vaccination and demanding that vaccination be stepped up to the both in primary care centers and hospitals in the region “.

Concretely, the Community of Madrid administered 81.7% of the vaccines it received, with a reserve of more than 1.3 million doses not administered, according to data provided on Wednesday.

As the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero explained this week, the objective of this stock is to guarantee the second dose to those who received the first.

In this sense, he specified that some 300,000 have committed for the second dose of AstraZeneca and 650,000 others respond to the vaccination commitment for this week depending on the appointments. Likewise, he justified this stock to meet the full schedule guarantee in the case, for example, of situations such as the current one with 200,000 holes planned in this system.

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