“We have to rely on our workers and ask them what they need”


Interview. Patricia Castellanos, consultant at Human Pull: “We have to rely on our workers and ask them for what they need”

He talks to us about the need to implement measures to build healthy organizations: “The trend of companies must be to transform themselves to adapt to safe, healthy and sustainable organizations”

BY RRHHDigital, 00:20 – 27 October 2020

There is a growing need to promote and maintain healthy businesses in order to improve productivity and generate a sense of belonging to the business. Knowing the opinion of employees to create and promote the proper functioning and development of an organization is essential today, because they are the most important asset of companies.

Motivation, satisfaction and commitment are the keys, according to Patricia Castellanos, Human Pull consultant, to a good working environment.

From RRHHDigital, we spoke with her about the importance of creating healthy organizations, continuously measuring and evaluating the work climate and analyzing the status of the people who are part of the teams that make up companies.

To do this, he presents Human Pull, the effective tool that aims to go beyond the work environment and which aims to help organizations achieve their transformation towards a healthy company through continuous monitoring of work and personal well-being.

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