“We have trained 18,000 workers in just 12 months to better face the present and strengthen the emotional aspect which was essential”

Domus Vi, finalist of the 7th RRHHDigital Health and Business Award: “We have trained 18,000 workers in just 12 months to better cope with the present and to strengthen the emotional aspect which was essential”

From RRHHDigital, we continue with the awards of the 7th Health and Business Award, an award designed to recognize best initiatives and practices in occupational health and employee care. On this occasion we went to the headquarters of Domus Vipara to grant recognition as a finalist to the comprehensive services company for the elderly. Without a doubt, a well-deserved reward for a company in a sector that has suffered greatly since the start of the pandemic.

For this reason, the project carried out by the company is perhaps even more relevant, standing out in the field of communication, emotional health and, above all, training. In just a few months, they managed to educate thousands of workers with the intention that the management of future waves of coronavirus would be much more optimal and the consequences less severe, which they achieved, according to the management official. people at Domus I saw, Antonio Fernndez. Taking care of emotional health was one of the great challenges for the company and the main pillar of the project: “Our plan is a consequence of the great emotional impact that our workers have had, both due to the pandemic itself. even and the media impact it has had on our sector “.

Precisely Antonio Fernndez, General Manager of Human Resources and Talent Development of Domus Vi, was responsible for garnering the recognition that accredited them as one of the companies that best managed the health and well-being of their employees during of the last year, finishing finalist. of the 7th RRHHD Digital Health and Business Prize among the nearly 80 companies that entered the competition.

A committee of people made up of representatives of the organizing company, RRHHDigitalas as well as deGympass, the sponsor company of this seventh edition of the HRH Digital Health and Company Award, went to the Domus Vien Madrid headquarters to organize the award ceremony. price. on all necessary measures.

More specifically, the commission was made up of José Luis Talln, general manager of Ediciones Digitales Siglo 21 (publishing house of the RHHHDigital media) and Mara Bernad, customer sales coordinator of Gympass. The award-winning company received the diploma from Antonio Fernndez, general manager of human resources and talent development of Domus Vi and Josefina lvarez, CEO of the company.

FromRRHHDigital we were able to speak precisely with Antonio Fernndez, responsible for the sent project, who tells us what were the main points of the work and what it means for a company in the sector of a sector so affected by the pandemic to be recognized in this contest.

The 7th Health and Business Prize will be possible without the support of our sponsors Gi Group, Cigna, Gympass and BMW Madrid. In this seventh edition, 78 companies presented their projects, with Securitas Direct winning, followed by Aon and ALD Automotive. From these lines, we would like to thank the participating companies and the sponsors for their support and participation.

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