We lose the war in Afghanistan: Why we lost the war in Afghanistan: Why America lost the war at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan Detailed information

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US lawmaker blamed on US failure in Afghanistan, US lawmaker’s accusations blamed on Pakistan – we failed to destroy Taliban bases in Pakistan
US lawmaker and President Joe Biden’s special Jack Reid blamed Pakistan for the US military’s defeat in Afghanistan. He said the reason behind the Taliban’s roots in Afghanistan was its havens in Pakistan. These bases have greatly contributed to the success of the Taliban. He also said Pakistan had tried to profit from both sides of the war in Afghanistan. Let me tell you that the day before, Biden announced a new date for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

We couldn’t destroy the Taliban shelters in Pakistan
The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Jack Reid, told the U.S. Parliament that a major contribution to the Taliban’s success is the failure of the United States to eliminate the safe haven the Taliban is securing in the United States. Pakistan. Citing a recent study, Reid said the Taliban would be empowered by having a secure base in Pakistan and government support there through organizations such as Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

Pak government and ISI help Taliban
He said we cannot destroy the Taliban safe havens in Pakistan, this failure has turned out to be our biggest mistake in this war. He also stressed that, as stated by the Afghan Study Group (working under the direction of Congress), these shelters are necessary for terrorism. In addition, the Pakistani ISI has aided the Taliban by working with the United States to exploit the opportunities.

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Our soldiers killed by Pakistan’s military and intelligence cooperation
Reid said that according to the 2018 assessment, Pakistan provided military support and direct intelligence that resulted in the deaths of US soldiers, Afghan security forces and civilians. It caused a lot of destruction in Afghanistan. This support for the Taliban contradicts American support for Pakistan. They have also enabled the use of their airspace and other infrastructure for which the United States has helped a lot financially.

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Pakistan tried to take advantage of both sides
According to the Afghan Study Group, Pakistan has tried to exploit both sides. Pakistan itself is weakening with all of this and it is dangerous because of its nuclear weapons. On top of that, Pakistan has been in conflict with its neighboring country India for a long time and India is also a nuclear weapon country. The senator said Pakistan and India have been involved in the conflict in South Asia for a long time.

This argument put forward on the withdrawal of the army from Afghanistan
He said one of the reasons behind the decision to withdraw US troops and their coalition partners from Afghanistan is that they could not form an Afghan government that could gain public trust and go beyond from cities to security, education, health and justice. Including basic services.

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