“We must increase its quality”

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, acknowledged that the pandemic has shown the “weaknesses” of the education system, cracks “already diagnosed” that the new law on education (LOMLOE), known as the name of “Celaá law” tries to solve. This was what the Minister said this Saturday during the second edition of the awards of the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents and Mothers of Students (CEAPA), an award created to recognize the work of different people and institutions for defense of public schools, as reported by CEAPA.

During his speech, he made the choice to work so that public schools are the pillar of society, just like public health, “that which is appreciated by society” and a quality reference. “We must improve the quality of public education, of public schools, so that citizens are unequivocally those who not only respect it, but who also attend it”, he summarized. The event, adapted to the covid and broadcast on YouTube, brought together members and former members of the CEAPA board of directors, parents, AMPAS volunteers and members of the educational community.

“Now we have a functioning school, which is open”, said Celaá, despite the closure of centers during the state of alert of the previous year and the “complicated” of this 2020. The minister thanked the efforts of parents. , addresses of centers, students and teaching staff that allows schools to continue operating with safety and hygiene measures, which facilitates and guarantees the continuation of the educational process. “For us, that’s the main thing,” he said. “We have to improve the quality of public education, of public schools, so that citizens are unequivocally those who not only respect it, but also attend it,” he said.

The gala was accompanied by a video of the chef and presenter Alberto Chicote, awarded for having dedicated a chapter of his program “Will you eat it? investigating the management and quality of school canteens, an issue that CEAPA has been defending for years with its defense of healthy and sustainable food in public schools. Chicote explained that he chose the topic because food in schools is “more than just feeding” since it is part of education. “If everyone was in the line that food is also education more than business, another rooster would crow,” sums up the chef.

José Antonio Sánchez Raba, director of the “Cisneros” public school in Santander, also spoke about this quality of the food and was awarded for showing that another school feeding is possible. Sánchez Raba asked to continue working to change a “bad model” that facilitates overweight, diabetes and bad eating habits in children, and to bet on a model that takes care of health and the environment, which uses olive oil and fish. fresh, seasonal and local products, and serve meals without frying, low in salt, sugar and fat.

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