“We must save lives, not save Christmas”

Posted: Saturday November 28, 2020 5:10 PM

Spain is preparing to face one of the strangest Christmases in its history. These holidays will be marked by the coronavirus pandemic, a health crisis that continues to spread across the world and wreak havoc in many countries. For this reason, health workers keep reminding themselves that it will not be a normal Christmas and stress the need to continue to adhere to safety measures and recommendations.

Because for them, the problem is clear. “We are concerned about the Christmas de-escalation plan. We need to save lives, not save Christmas.” This is how Pedro Samblás, a doctor who practices his profession in primary care, declared that he regretted that once again the errors that occurred at the start of the pandemic in Spain were not corrected: “We do not want not experience a third wave after the Christmas holidays. “

And in the meantime, the health care capacity continues unabated in our country. Many health professionals still suffer from a noticeable overload of work, to which can be added the absence of uncovered jobs. The prevention delegate of the General Union of Workers (UGT), Concha Herranz, expressed it in these terms: “If the problem of telephone access had been solved with more staff, the queues in the health centers would probably be much more agile ”. .

The situation is particularly puzzling in the Community of Madrid, where primary care workers have warned that 500 of the 1,500 trackers currently in the territory joined in October. In addition, the unions have indicated that they will change functions. As Silvia Durán, a member of the Association of Physicians and Graduates of Madrid (AMYTS), has pointed out, many of them “will be outside health centers to face bureaucratic problems”.

On this issue, Herranz made an alarming point: “The only reinforcement that health professionals had had was the contract for COVID tracker managers. They will be relocated, so they will disappear.” But there are more problems, and the sound of ambulance sirens is proof of that. They seem strong in denouncing that the salary equalization of hospital professionals is not respected.

Precisely about this, Durán added: “We know that the Treasury has been given the green light. So the reality is that we don’t understand.” A criticism Samblás added: “The feeling is that the health administration is issuing checks that the Treasury will not issue later.” They will leave their skin in the fight against COVID, but they demand not to let their guard down.

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