“We must vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate”

Publication: Friday, January 8, 2021 11:54

“Maximum concern” within the government for the development “for the worse” of the pandemic, as coronavirus infections and incidence continue to rise. This is one of the messages that the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the head of territorial policy, Carolina Darias, sent this Friday, which underlined the importance of the vaccination process.

“We have to do something clear: we have to vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate. This is the most decisive question that we have before us to defeat the virus and achieve this collective vaccination as quickly as possible,” Darias said during his speech, in which he stressed that “The goal must be that more and more people are vaccinated than infected people.”

An objective, that of “having more vaccinated than infected in Spain as soon as possible”, which Illa reiterated, recalling that it is planned to vaccinate 70% of the population by the summer. “We think it will be fulfilled,” said the minister, who indicated that “the vaccination rate is already picking up an acceptable speed”, although “it still needs to improve”.

Likewise, Darias stressed that immunization is “a process that is growing, in which communities play an important role” and that it should be intensified. In this regard, he defended that “our public health system is very well prepared” for this and urged “to take advantage of all its potentialities and capacities”, after the controversy that has arisen in recent days when the speed differences of the process are known of vaccination between autonomies.

On the other hand, Illa clarified that nearly 140,000 people have already been vaccinated in Spain and mentioned the increase in the doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 purchased from BioNtech Pfizer by the European Union, in which Spain will participate in “proportionately in the part which corresponds to it “.

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