“We must work in a culture of leadership that spreads and promotes the emotional well-being of employees”

RRHHDigital spoke with Raquel Gil on ‘Coffee Break’, the first TV program dedicated to HR

Raquel Gil, Director of Human Resources at Sanitas Seguros, at Coffee Break: “We need to work in a culture of leadership that spreads and promotes the emotional well-being of employees”

After a year of the pandemic, the concept of “happiness” has gained particular relevance in business and has transformed the traditional leadership model of leaders themselves. Preferences and priorities have changed and companies must now seek out the “formula for happiness” to ensure the emotional well-being of their workers. On this occasion, at Coffee Break, the RRHHDigital television program, we had the pleasure of tasting “A coffee with …” Raquel Gil, director of human resources at Sanitas Seguros.

With her, we analyzed the role of companies when it comes to ensuring and caring for the emotional health of employees, as well as the role that leaders play today and how they should adapt their leadership functions to the new normal where it prevails. hybrid working model.

In the latest Coffee Break program, we launched a survey of our viewers to assess what factors or things made them happiest in their work. The conclusions were clear: salary is no longer the most important thing. And so Raquel Gil confirms: “When it comes to health, salary is not everything. A good salary is no longer the main reason for happiness. Emotional health was something that few talked about a few years ago but now, after the pandemic epidemic, the concept of emotional salary has become much more fashionable. “In this sense, remuneration through health and well-being plans, training guarantees or free time are among the preferences of Spanish employees.

And throughout this process, the leader has a vital role. “Today, more than ever, we are aware in companies of the importance of leadership. From companies we work so that there is a culture of leadership that spreads and promotes the emotional well-being of the company. employee, “and Raquel adds,” leaders need to adapt to another format, both remotely and face-to-face at the same time. And, to attract and retain talent, employees will consider concepts such as flexibility , conciliation … This is why we need different leaders, leaders who adapt to this new way of managing. ”

Together with the Human Resources Director of Sanitas Seguros, we were able to discuss other issues, such as the importance of putting people at the center, another of the most significant trends in 2021. As he explains, ” of Sanitas we have very internalized this in everything What we put at the center of our concerns are our employees and our customers, the two go hand in hand and the happiness of both is our goal and this is manifest in the atmosphere and in the happiness of all.

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